YouTooday invites you to run the Street Child Marathon in Nepal

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Run the Nepal International Marathon, 18th November 2017, for a chance to discover and unleash the power of running!

With your participation, you are helping Street Child’s to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals “No Poverty” and “Quality Education”, because at Street Child, every child deserves the right to a safe, secure home life and the chance to receive a quality education.

The Experience

The Nepal Marathon is a race like no other, set in the shadow of the Himalayas, this extraordinary maratón offers an amazing opportunity to visit Street Child’s projects and meet the children your fundraising supports. Running with Street Child you will get the unique opportunity to collaborate with their local programme staff and visit rural schools.

What’s more you’ll be part of a Community fundraising together to support some of the most vulnerable children in Nepal.

The Cause

Street Child of Nepal provides education for children in marginalised rural and urban communities across Nepal. From building schools in earthquake-affected communities to giving the most marginalised children a chance to go to school. Long-term solutions are important.

Here some stories about Street Child’s work in Nepal

Saraswati, the earthquake survivor determined to see her daughters in school

When the first earthquake struck I ran to the school to check if my daughters were okay. I was scared to send my children back to school after the earthquakes, the building had cracks….whenever there was an aftershock all the children would start running out and get hurt….and I would rush to the school to check if my girls were alright.
My parents didn’t want me to go to school because I was a girl. They said it wasn’t necessary. Today, one of my brothers is a doctor, one’s a vet and one has his own business but I was never given that opportunity. This is why I am determined to educate all of my three girls so they can have a better life than me.

by Saraswati

Street Child are building more learning spaces in Sindhuli to ensure that children are safe to go to school. Saraswati is championing education for girls and boys in her community, leading by example in showing her community that it is safe for children to go back to school.

Bimala, the hard working mother whose children are back to school

I am really happy with the school here… I don’t have to worry about my children’s education and I know that they are happy and safe. I don’t mind what my children decide to do in their future, I only want them to be happy and educated so they can freely choose what to do with their lives.
I just want a better life for my children, and education is very important for this. But in order to provide education I must work hard, even if this means my children must move schools twice every year.

by Bimala

Bimala travels to Nepal for work every year with her husband and 3 children. Like many parents who migrate to Nepal for brick kiln work she was worried about her children being out of school.

Street Child partnered with local NGO Kopila Nepa to setup a small school on the site of Bimala’s brick factory, so that the children have somewhere to learn whilst their parents work.

The Marathon

Running in the shadow of the Himalayas, the Nepal International Marathon is one of the world’s most beautiful marathons: stunning vistas, sprawling forests, exotic wildlife and the freedom of being at one with nature.

As part of your trip you’ll see Street Child’s work first-hand, ranging from rebuilding schools in communities worst affected by the 2015 earthquake to providing education to marginalized children who have never had the chance to go to school. You’ll get to meet the children you’re fundraising to help and hear their stories.

Every Street Child runner fundraises £1,000 to help Nepal’s poorest children to access education. This is your chance to unleash the power of running and leave a lasting legacy. It’s an experience that will change your life.

Amazing highlights from the inaugural Nepal International Marathon – 10km, 21km and 42km distances. Starting from Kakani up through Shivapuri National Park. This was a remarkable event and the curtain-raiser for the Impact Marathon Series.

by Impact Marathon Series

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