Transmedia Storytelling: Christmas Campaign 2016

In the fall of 2016 we received a call from the NGO Global Humanitaria to together create a campaign for Christmas. The main objective was that refugee children who had been victims of the Syrian war could get needed materials for Christmas.

After several meetings, we got to 4 finalist ideas for an online video / spot. Faced with the imminent avalanche of advertisements for children’s toys, we decided to make a sort of “counterprogramming” act and create a catalog in which – imitating the designs and colors of the advertising of the toy stores – we replaced toys with basic necessities that Syrian children could really need.

The idea pleased our clients a lot and we thought: why not use the catalog to send the items to the refugees?

So we went for it all! Something that emerged from advertising fiction – a catalog that did not exist beyond the promotional video – came to life in the real world. It was then that the campaign became something that crossed borders and gave Syrian children gifts that they really needed. In our solidarity universe, the “great gifts” would be translated into wheelchairs, under the campaign’s motto “help them walk”.

The procedure was very easy, anyone could enter the website of Global Humanitaria, choose an article from the catalog to be sent to the refugees.

For YouTooday, this was a great opportunity to put all of our creativity at the service of a good cause.

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