Top 3 Spiritual Humor Books

Most communication experts assert that a message is more likely to be remembered and shared with other people, if it has been presented through humor. It is not surprising that, since a few years ago, there has been a kind of trend in the publishing world that combines concepts related to values and spirituality with high doses of humor.

The path to enlightenment has never been funnier!


Spiritual coach, Youtube star and comedian JP Sears wrote a book full of satire in which each page has an advice that can be very useful at some point in life. The author enlightens us with little pearls of wisdom that will make us both laugh and reflect. Among his most outstanding teachings, there’s a practical chapter on how to control “bad” emotions or even bury them alive if needed. According to Sears, the only negative emotion we should be allowed to feel – even if only for a few seconds – is the shame of … well … having a negative emotion. The author also introduces fictional characters such as compulsive practitioners of yoga more interested in sharing their selfies in Social Networks than in this practice, vegans with existential dilemmas about whether an animal soul reincarnates, or eccentric spiritual gurus. Through the parody of certain archetypes, he manages to synthesize the essential values ​​that we should have to be good disciples of the Ultra Spirituality. His proposal has conquered the hearts – and clicks – of the youngest generations and his Youtube videos have millions of views.


With the release of this book, comedian and actor Russell Brand took by surprise many of his detractors, who saw him only as the eccentric fame-obsessed ex-husband of pop star Katy Perry. In fact, nothing further from reality as Brand is a regular practitioner of transcendental meditation, yoga and he’s a very spiritual person. In Revolution he uses humor as a vehicle to analyze the great evils of modern society and to propose some solutions so that, as a human species, we can move forward to another level of community. Always articulate and well informed, Brand dissects issues such as inequality, austerity policies, spiritual poverty and encourages us to be able to see society as a living and ever-changing work of art. He also recommends following one of his most sacred routines: doing a good deed every day to help others, and advocates creating a fairer, sexier, more fun and more inclusive deed.


The fact that in the US this book was on the New York Times bestseller list proves that out there is a legion of readers interested in an alternative way of understanding spiritual teachings. One that speaks their own natural language, in which they also say curse words and make jokes about transcendental issues. Author and blogger Mark Manson hit the spot with a book that focuses on the idea of being selective about things that should matter, so we can focus on what matters most. One of the key ideas of this bestseller is that we should stop trying to be “positive” all the time, so that we can really get better people and happier. Or as it is argued in the pages of the book: we should not only focus on making lemonade with the lemons that life give us, we should also learn to digest the lemons so they do not give us spiritual indigestion.

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