The “making of” our video for AIFCI

AIFCI is an association of volunteers with no salaries and no employees. Their members work in an atmosphere of fraternity and friendship, regardless of their nationality, political affiliation, religion, gender or color.

Why does AIFCI exist?

​The AIFCI develops social actions towards the most deprived, especially women and children. Education plays a key role in their actions because they believe that this is the best way to combat poverty and exclusion. AIFCI strongly believes in the role of women for the economic development of Ivory Coast and places it at the center of their activities.

What are their work areas?

AIFCI’s main solidarity centers are:

  • ANOUMABO A literacy center dedicated mainly to 86 women and girls. Lessons are provided in the mornings during week days. Every Wednesday afternoon, 80 orphans, selected by AIFCI’s volunteers, take part in arts & crafts activities and share a meal. The AIFCI runs the center including the purchase of food, school and manual supplies. The center is equally a center of support for AIDS patients: 46 women attend once a week manual labour classes and receive moral and educational support to their illness. The AIFCI provides meal packages.
  • CAMA Young mothers and their babies are looked after and hundreds of newborn receive a health check-up weekly.
  • AKLOMIABLA AIFCI participates financially in literacy courses and professional training for 75 women.
  • LE PETIT BAOBAB AIFCI supports this primary school with supplies.
  • BONOUA AIFCI supports this home for severely disabled people.

What does YouTooday do for AIFCI?

Early this year, we have been contacted by the association to create a video. Since AIFCI impacts so many women in the Ivory Coast, we wanted to highlight a story that would show to the world their wonderful work. So, we’ve produced a video with Rebecca Oze, an orphan whose destiny was a life of misery, yet, AIFCI changed her destiny.

The video produced by YouTooday features the bumpy road to autonomy of Rebecca Oze, an orphan whose destiny was a life of misery, yet, AIFCI changed her destiny. To create this video, the YouTooday team spent some time within the AIFCI Center, talking to volunteers/teachers and students alike in order to film all details and not to hide the emotional roller-coaster endured by Rebecca, now a teacher paying her own housing rent and considered a role model within the whole neighbourhood.


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