SUPerando is a non-profit association that was born in Barcelona in the summer of 2015. They are a small charity that combines experience with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to share magical moments and fantastic experiences with those who show us what improvement really can be. At YouTooday we know this charity very well; Sara Codina is one of its founders, and Sara works with us. Sara is a person with great values and human quality.  SUPerando does miracles! We have lived this experience personally, and it is amazing how their work transforms the lives of children and volunteers! It is really a charity that works with heart and transmits it to all those who participate in its events.

Why does SUPerando exist?

​SUPerando exists to facilitate the practice of a sport in which the participants not only enjoy a good time, but also perform exercises that, without realizing it, bring many benefits with it.

What are their work areas?

The children involved in the activities are children with disabilities, the majority acquired from birth, who have difficulty walking or to move freely. They need help from their relatives and some of them may need a wheelchair to move around. Some of them might have cognitive processing impairment (it is difficult for them to talk, relate, understand what they are told and may have cognitive difficulties or some mental retardation) accompanied by emotional problem.

What does YouTooday do for SUPerando?

​ ​As you can imagine, we do not miss the opportunity to work as volunteers for this association because the experience is unique. We promote this entity because we believe in it, in its founders and in its transforming activity for all participants, parents and volunteers. Here we share with you 2 pics that we believe convey our illusion of being part of the SUPerando’s volunteer team. These are Sara (our Community Builder & Fundraising Manager and SUPerando’s co-founder) and Viviane (our Positive Impact Manager).


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