Streets of India

Streets of India is a development NGO, founded by Pablo Castells in April 2009 to give direct help to the poverty existing in the streets of India.

We met Streets of India more than 1 year ago. We went to a presentation event for one of their projects in September 2016. We were invited by Amanda Teres, who we knew from a few years ago and who is responsible for all the projects within the organization. Since then, we have been tracking them and capturing their essence. We are very happy to have them as clients and be able to be useful to them through our PiMatching® service.

Why does Streets of India exist?

Streets of India has been created with the aim of contributing to the transformation towards a more just world and with more opportunities directing its actions towards the achievement of two objectives:

  • The awareness of the Western society about the inequalities in India.
  • The obtaining of resources for the support of projects that are developed in India, improving the living conditions of the most needy.

Their purpose is to cooperate actively with local counterparts in India who work to meet the basic economic and social welfare needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged population groups in the country: children, women, the elderly, the sick and people with disabilities.

What are their work areas?

Streets of India works in basic areas to achieve the transformation that pursues: food, health, education, equality and empowerment of women.

It aims to raise awareness of society about the need to care about others to positively impact, achieving a global change starting with the individual.

What does YouTooday do for Streets of India?

As part of our community, YouTooday works to improve visibility to the ones behind the organization who make all the projects possible, as well as, to actively search for funds to carry out their projects.



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