Muse Group Women know no border

We met Jessica Antista, Founder & Artistic Director of Muse Group, at the 2017 Mother’s Day fare sale organized by the AIFCI, an association we support.

Jessica had displayed her gorgeous jewelry articles for sale, and her stand was a hit right throughout the event.

While presenting Muse Group’s imaginative, multifunctional jewelry creations, Jessica was passionate in describing how ethical, sustainable fashion is creating new economic hope for women in the Ivory Coast.

Muse Group is an American non-profit (501c3) that aims to create economic and professional development opportunities for low-income women. Rural women’s groups are trained to produce and supply organic and recycled materials. Consequently, urban women are trained to transform these materials into imaginative, multifunction jewelry.

As a result, all women artisans earn income that enables them to support their families. They also receive coaching to improve their performance and develop professionally.

The fair trade jewelry brand, Muse Group, is sold in 23 countries, and, since last month, its ethical jewelry line is being carried by the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store in New York – a sign that Global ethical fashion is gaining momentum.

“We are proud to offer Muse Group designs in our stores. Their inventive jewelry calls to mind designs in the Museum’s collection, and their use of organic and recycled materials paired with their unique mission offers an engaging story for our customers.” Metropolitan Museum of Art Store, New York, USA

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