Global Humanitaria

Global Humanitaria works around the world, actively pursuing human rights and establishing community-based development programs on behalf of children, women and families. The past Christmas YouTooday worked and created the promotional video of the Christmas campaign for Global Humanitaria. The main objective was that refugee children who had been victims of the Syrian war could get various gifts they really needed. So we went for it, and so from advertising fiction – a catalog that did not exist beyond the promotional video – came to life in the real world. For YouTooday this was an opportunity to put all our creativity at the service of a good cause. We are currently working on a fundraising and dissemination project that we still can not disclose, in which we are working on the planning, product design, marketing strategy and communication, distribution and results management.

Why does Global Humanitaria exist?

​At YouTooday we believe that the best way to explain why it exists, can only be done by its founder:

“I founded Global Humanitaria after having lived in person the events that made me reflect and start this charity. I was a press journalist covering the Colombian guerrilla war situation and the general delinquency of the country. This motivated me to personally know more about the history of the families and children who first-handed lived the armed conflict. Many of them had the obligation to travel from the countryside to the big cities to avoid kidnapping and murder. This situation generated basic needs for the families. My first meetings were in the town of Salahonda, in the department of Tumaco, in the south of the country. It is there where 500 families needed urgent help. And it is there where I started working right away. Staying in the office? Why? Communities need help and I believe that the way to know what they need is by directly coexisting with them, not for a day or two, but for months and years. With and through them, it is how we learn to know what their real needs are. Because what they need is what I need, and this is coexistence; to risk family, health and welfare. But it’s worth. That’s why my office is their houses, their experiences, their daily life, their environment, their cold, their heat, their hunger, their poverty ….. I encourage the world in general not to be selfish and to think that those who are on the easy side of life is because they have been lucky to be born and live on this side …. But just give it a thought …… What would happen if we had been born where they were born and lived what the poorest are living? … Would you ask for help? The resounding answer is YES. Well, do not forget this. Do you hear on the street that there are many NGOs? But there is still poverty? So, then there are still few NGOs. We must continue fighting. You do not have to be a professional, from any business or profession: The university is on the street and in the desire of each individual to do something about it.”

by Andrés Torres, Founder of Global Humanitaria

What are their work areas?

  • Education Global Humanitaria’s projects are designed to support education by reducing school absences and combating illiteracy through local educational policies.
  • Health Global Humanitaria’s projects promote universal access to basic healthcare. They support a variety of local health programs, implement and improve the infrastructure of local healthcare and sanitation systems to promote healthy environments.
  • Food Security & Nutrition Global Humanitaria works to ensure access to food for vulnerable populations within the regional framework agreement of the World Food Program.
  • Government & Civil Society Global Humanitaria works to generate lasting social change. Their ongoing projects train and educate, increasing active citizenship and leadership.
  • Human Rights Global Humanitaria works for the recognition of every child’s civil, political, economic and social rights, including the right to nondiscrimination and the right to be protected from exploitation and abuse in any form.
  • Women & Empowerment Global Humanitaria executes training programs in rural and marginalized areas to equip women with knowledge about their rights and how to defend themselves, and to strengthen their voice in public policy-making.
  • International Cooperation Global Humanitaria carries out projects dedicated to fostering peace, justice, equity and security in conflict and post-conflict situations, through the defence of human rights and the empowerment of civil society.

What does YouTooday do for Global Humanitaria?

At YouTooday we have been very busy during the last months giving life to a project of magnitude for Global Humanitaria. As always, under the creative umbrella of PIM® (Positive Impact Management), from our department of PiMedia and PiMarketing we have been designing a great campaign focused on an item – which we can not yet unveil – that will help, with the supportive act of purchasing it, change “blurred” situations giving them light and shine. Below you will find some pics of our visit to one of the Global Humanitaria’s projects in Ivory Coast, Africa. We were very fortunate to be able to accompany Cristina and Marta from Global Humanitaria to visit the schools and the women this NGO supports. We encountered an immense happiness of the children, the excellent coordination and management of the projects, and such extraordinary local women of enormous heart. It has been a great experience for us and an excellent opportunity to get to know in person the work done by this NGO.


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