Big Data in the Service of Humanity

In the technological sector we are living a historic moment for humanity. Today, endless data can be extracted from smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. In most cases, this data ends up being used by big companies to chart a more advanced profile of their consumers. Fortunately there is also an alternative use for all that Big Data, which can transform entire sectors of our society.

Proof of this is the DataKind organization, whose mission is to use the same algorithms and techniques to improve the world by helping to fight hunger, by promoting the welfare of children, by providing quality education to people who generally cannot get to it or to collect scientific and medical data for the better health of an individual. Its goal is that one day organizations which work to solve this type of world problems can have access to a database as extensive as those databases that are currently consulted by the Wall Street or Silicon Valley companies.

With the so-called ‘Data-for-Good‘, DataKind wants to put data to the service of humanity by bringing together scientists and analysts with organizations who are looking to make a positive impact. Thus, through close collaboration they can confront humanitarian challenges with all the necessary information.

In our opinion, DataKind defines very well their philosophy on their website: “We are not only dealing with numbers but also with the lives of people”

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