ASMU – Social Action in Urban Environment

YouTooday has recently been welcomed to the Center for Research and Action for Peace (CERAP) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast by Martine Patron, the sharp and enthusiastic director of the ASMU. The « Association Social en Milieu Urbain » (Social Association in Urban Environment) has a long-standing existence as one of the two departments of the Centers’ Social Pole. Our team in Africa has had the opportunity to discover its commitment for a social positive impact.

Founded in 1985 in the capital of Ivory Coast, the ASMU set itself the ambitious mission to promote human dignity while fighting poverty and enhancing economic and social integration of young people. 

In line with its believes, the association aims to build and foster a common spirit of social responsibility and cohesion. To do so, it engages in various projects to improve living conditions, especially for the most vulnerable people. Working hand in hand with in-house and collaborative trainers in two central neighborhoods of Abidjan has allowed the ASMU to stay on track. Its activity is based on three complementary pillars.

Socio-professional training for vulnerable young people

Throughout the year, professional trainers welcome vulnerable young people between 14 and 25 years. After a motivation period of 3-months, during which the candidate’s interest and commitment to learn is evaluated, the accepted trainees start their three-years training period. They learn a craft profession ranging from sewing to hairstyling over mechanics to carpentry and others. The program is underpinned by accompanying literacy and basic management courses which boosts their enthusiasm even more and prepares them for their subsequent professional career. 

Capacity building and pedagogic training units for master craftsmen the heads of civil society organizations

The latter training component is expanded in the second activity focus. In fact, the ASMU provides modules in which its craftsmen, or members of OSC and professional associations acquire knowledge on how to plan, build and realize a business, as well as all related requirements to exercise their activity successfully. 

Social expertise and advocacy

Lastly, the third pillar is composed by a social follow-up and awareness raising activity both for the general public. The goal is to create a network that promotes the emergence of synergies between governmental and non-governmental partner organizations. Doing this, the center makes a significant and sustainable social impact to the benefit of Ivorian society.

Recently, the team had several days of team building in nonviolent communication (NVC) to strengthen the skills of the team. It is thanks to the commitment of the group that CERAP sees today a fruitful development of its activity.

Thanks to this group cohesion of its members, the CERAP sees today a fruitful development of its activity. YouTooday is convinced that social cohesion is also a key element that may allow a higher reach of the positive impact created in the future, as long as we share and support each other.

Together, we are limitless.

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