AIM – Association Imagine Le Monde

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world” 
~ John Lennon

Stepping into the yard of the Association Imagine Le Monde (AIM) is like diving into a world in which “different” does not mean “wrong”, incapacity is no synonym of hopelessness and unknowingness does not equal ignorance.

From its inception in 2013, the NGO AIM (French, “Imagine the World”) has fully committed itself to the improvement of living conditions, social integration and well-being for the population of the community of Port-Bouët – Gonzagueville, Abidjan.
The center is based on a two-winged concept covering both social and medical issues. For the purpose of medical benefits, AIM works has established a partnership with the nearby medical care community center “CSU Com“. Thanks to this collaboration, the association can provide physiotherapy and language re-education courses at the CSU Com premises for the benefit of people in need within the community of Gonzagueville.

The social department has put into place several projects covering education, training and integration. Supported by godfathers and godmothers, AIM takes care of the schooling of 164 children and conducts an educational follow-up throughout the year. By doing so, the center remedies specifically against the de-schooling of children from economically vulnerable families.
In addition, AIM has created a Polyvalent Center for Education and Pedagogical Activities, which is composed of three specialized classes, depending on the handicap the child is oriented in one of these classes.
As part of its “women’s empowerment” program, the association has set up a sewing and jewelry workshop called “Pearls of Women“ for women identified by the social service. This workshop allows participants to conduct a revenue-generating activity and to attend literacy classes in addition.
Lastly, artistic, ludic and sporty workshops are offered to children within the Centre de Lecture et d’Animation Culturelle (CLAC), a reading and cultural animation center of French origin, opened every Wednesday afternoon for all children in the neighborhood.

Through these initiatives, the founders, Marie-Donatienne El Khalil (founding president) and Assiata Coulibaly (co-founder and head of social service) underline the importance of education, training and integration as they pave the way for individual autonomy, open-mindedness and a long-term organization of life. Social integration, peaceful conviviality and the spirit of the community are values that fuel AIM’s determination to make a difference in the Gonzagueville community by its positive impact.



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